Ana introduced our speaker Brenda Moore, who is the Chair of the Food Sharing Project and also a recent recipient of a Paul Harris Fellow award.
After expressing her appreciation for the support of Rotary both financially and in person, Brenda spoke about a new project in town called The Food Hub. 
The missing piece for food sharing in Kingston is having a warehouse space to receive food donations so that they can be stored at the proper temperature and washed if necessary, before distribution.  This increases their nutritional value and reduces waste. 
They are looking for a 10,000 sq. ft. space with refrigeration and freezer capacity.  It will serve all of the current KFL&A community groups that are involved in food sharing, and the City of Kingston, the Community Foundation, and United Way are involved in the process. Rotarian Paul Elsley is on the committee.
Approximately $140,000 will be needed for start up, and $130,000 for ongoing costs.  They will be fundraising and applying for grants.
In Kingston, during Covid 19, Rotary Clubs have worked together to make things better, and many individuals have been extremely generous.
Individuals who would like to support this project financially may do so through the United Way.
Covid 19 has exposed the high need in our community, and unless there is ever a basic income for all, there will always be a need.
The current best location for donation of food is the grocery store bins.  The contents are picked up by the Partners in Mission Food Bank.
If you would like to find out about how food is being shared in Kingston, there is information on the city website.
Brenda was thanked for her presentation today by Heather Nogrady