This morning, with no scheduled speaker, we received updates on many ongoing programs, mostly about our various youth programs.
Kingston 2020 Celebrations
President Rick gave us plenty of advanced notice on several events;
Sunday, July 19th 2020 - Birthday Bash at Rotary Park rain or shine (there will be a tent in case of rain).  This will kick off the Rotary in Kingston centennial year.
Friday, June 25th, 2021 (advanced notice – expect full attendance) at St. Lawrence College – Rotary Gala, tickets will be $100 per person – light entertainment, 1 speaker for 10 minutes, Rotarians from Australia and New Zealand will be joining us.  This is not a fundraiser but a celebration of Rotary's 100 years in Kingston.
Monday, June 21st 2021 welcome barbecue for Rotarians from Melbourne and Auckland.  Location is yet to be determined.  Please get these dates in your calendar!
Notes from the South African Friendship Exchange
John Farrow read letters from South African youth that went on short term Rotary Student Exchange.  these young men were introduced to us by our visitors from South Africa.  Last week Urban Ruins, who is supporting these young men (1 to Germany, 1 to Argentina) passed along emotional letters of thanks.  These are both young men whose lives will be changed dramatically by their experience.  Thank you everyone in the club who supported this student exchange with donations or good wishes.
Adventures Programs
Greg Mumford reported that we’re supporting Adventures in the Environment which is well subscribed; Adventures in Understanding, although it is harder to find a candidate; Adventures in High Tech in Ottawa in October.  We haven’t sent anyone in a few years to this, so we are hoping to return; we are looking to start an Interact Club sponsored by us with Pathways as a partner.   And of course Greg has Bingo and Auction in his spare time!
Elizabeth Cohoe re: Fundraising
St. Francis of Assisi school – we have contributed to their kitchen renovation and also recently a book program (Dolly Parton Imagination book program which delivers one book a month to preschoolers.)  Greg and Elizabeth attended the kickoff for that last Wednesday.  There was a special assembly at the school, and Dollywood's Little Engine Playhouse presented a short play based on one of the books.  Everyone they ran into at the school expressed their gratitude for our funding. They’ve sent us a thank you note and also a gift for President Rick – a school mug.  Rick read out the thank you letter from the school.
Bingo - $250 per shift is what we make, and we’ve been having $2,000 months in our bingo earnings.  That’s awesome!  Thank you to everyone who does Bingo shifts!
Nut Drive – interest is on the wane…… we make less than $125 per person who participates.  Rick could use a break, as he’s been head nut for a LONG time.  Should we keep on doing this?  On the plus side, we’re working together with other clubs (although we don’t actually work alongside them……  we’re kind of on our own)
Michelle expressed that she is uncomfortable with how we drag Queen’s students into this without giving them a choice.  Don’t like the idea of Rotary being associated with something forced.  And it hasn’t really improved our connection with Queen’s and their students.
Ana said we can still participate without leading, and we can still purchase for ourselves (and earn fundraising money for our club.)/ We voted and agreed not to lead on this, allowing club members to participate if they want.
Bill Egnatoff: Adventures in History
We received an email from a woman about our use of the image of teens behind bars.  Bill saw this as an opportunity and was sure to respond and let her know how our goal is to highlight the positive changes that are happening today and encouraging our Youth to participate in generating those ideas.  She understood and appreciated the response, and of course, Bill asked her to contribute!  Bill also mentioned that we will ask the Youth what they think about our use of this image.  Direct everyone to !!!  We need to work hard to recruit interested students.  Grades 10-12 are the most appropriate ages.  We could use some help, too from Club members!
Overall the meeting was a great update on how we are doing with Youth Programs.