Posted by Terri Hodges on Jan 08, 2019
Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, January the 8th
Annual General Meeting
A quorum was confirmed.  John Gale confirmed it was okay to proceed.
We have positions to be filled:
President Elect (get prepared to take over as President after Ana's year):
Any nominations?  John Farrow not here and cannot run away……. (editor's note: nuh-uh)
Treasurer (we now have a bookkeeper):
Service Projects Director (taking over from Elizabeth Cohoe, who has been doing this for years):
Club Admin (taking over from Ron Pols):  Ron has volunteered to take on another term– Thank you Ron!
Seargent at Arms (taking over from Howard Lee): Rick nominated Ed Thompson, who accepted.
Michelle Chatten-Fiedorec moved to keep the remaining positions open for nominations until next week.  John Gale seconded.  Carried.
Ana Sutherland asked that members please speak with Rick and her to see what time commitment is required for the available positions.  Rick Fiedorec has found the last year and a half VERY rewarding.
Robert Reid suggested a quiet survey of members and to who is willing to volunteer in future, or not.
President Rick announced that February 12th and 19th meetings are cancelled, as ½ the Club will be in India!
Meeting adjourned at 8:25am.  Maya’s presentation on her home in Norway is next week!  Please attend