…a classroom without walls, no chalk board, no bulletins boards, no desks, and no chairs, but a place in the forest, with trees, and wild flowers, and filtered sunlight, and rocks with moss, and  squirrels running about!  THIS is the classroom of Mother Nature where 120 young schoolchildren from Loughborough Public School will spend a total of five days during the next school year, experiencing the wonders that surround them in Frontenac Provincial Park. 
It is here that they will engage with the elements of a forest and make a connection with the land through observation, touch, sound, and smell, as well as some experimentation, all under the tutelage of their teachers and experts in geology, botany, and local history.  In addition, local Indigenous Knowledge Keepers will teach the children about their Indigenous culture and land stewardship.
 CK Rotary is proud to announce that this Classroom Without Walls Project was awarded one of our Community Service Project Grants in this year’s Spring Competition.  The grant will cover all admission fees to Frontenac Provincial Park as well as the fees of professional experts.  We congratulate Loughborough Public School on their successful grant application and wish all the students and teachers a meaningful and joyful educational program in their outdoor classroom.  Ms. Andrea Woogh, Grade 3 teacher, happily accepted a cheque from CK Rotarians, Ana Sutherland, President (Left) and Heather Nogrady, Co-chair, Community Service Committee.