Keep Pedalling In Pikangikum - Community Bike Shop

Our funding of $2000 towards the bike shop in Pikangikum delivers on multiple levels.  It is a place to repair the bikes to keep them in service and extend their use and therefore their value.  Importantly, it also facilitates the further engagement for the community’s youth learning about and practicing bike maintenance.  The result is the acquisition of the life skills as well as the development of a sense of achievement and self confidence.  With this, they can go forward in life learning and achieving in other areas.   

New Hope Community Bikes is based in Hamilton, Ontario, this is a registered charity and social enterprise that seeks to get more people on affordable, reliable bicycles and provide employment and job training opportunities for youth. "Keep Pedaling in Pikangikum" was our specific project in Pikangikum, Ontario. For details about the Pikangikum project, see and for an update, see .

Following the forest fire evacuation and return, the community needed their youth to have a focus and some organized activities.  Our contribution provided food for a canoe trip, and allowed youth to be paid for their summer job in the bike shop.