We’ve had a few presentations on potential projects lately, as well as celebrations throughout the year.  July 19th 2020 Birthday celebration at Rotary Park.  We should be prepared for upcoming costs – President Rick thinks we should set aside at least $500 to help fund this.  Kingston Club is running with this and we should be ready to support.  Centennial dinner in June of 2021 will be approximately $100/plate. I’m thinking this Club should be prepared to budget approx. $3,000 to help fund these things.
Question:  Name recognition project at SLC – where should funds for that come from?  Thinking Club funds.  Murray Cotton noted that he would rather put $50,000 towards an actual project to feed people, etc. rather than naming rights.  Many agreed.
International Committee has supported the SLC Bursary, increased it in the past, and would like to increase another $4,000 to $40,000, with a preference for an Indigenous student recipient.  Robert Reed will make criteria available to attach to these minutes.  Current recipient coming to meet us in the fall.
Youth Mental Health and Safety project looking for $1,000
Loving Spoonful looking for $75,000 for their project
Tree planting looking for $10,000, few details from Wilf Sorensen yet.  May not cost this much because the Foundation has a significant amount set aside for worldwide tree planting.  Perhaps this is a good project for hands on help?  Glen Roberts will be speaking to his landscaping contacts for donations.
Number 9 Gardens was started by Andrew Davies and his wife in Toronto.  Number 9 Gardens has them carving 40 acres off the back of their family farm in Morton to support seed to table efforts.  The $40,000 will go toward maintenance of the trees and include involvement of indigenous youth.
Rotarians supporting new Canadians -  Perhaps we could speak to Odd Fellows re: the venue they require?
Pathways to Education – $90,000 Canadian budget – most through District and R.I. funds.  Indian Rotarian partners are willing to support us.  John Gale is asking us to commit the $10,000 we put aside 2 years ago, and an additional $10,000 (this coming from Spring grants $5M, and next fall $5M – this could actually be a bit less, because some of the funds might be donated by Rotarians).  All money must be accounted for by September 1st because the next academic year at Pathways starts then.  Not yet sure how we can sustain past the 3 year point – in talks with Queen’s and SLC on that point.
Bill Egnatoff moved that we commit up to $20,000 ($10,000 already set aside; $5,000 each from Spring and Fall community grant funds), as needed, to this initiative.  John Farrow seconded.
Elizabeth Cohoe – if we do not need the $20,000 will Service Projects get the funds back?  Yes.
Motion unanimously carried.
Ana Sutherland will send John Gale a text and tell him to get to work!
Please volunteer or cut a cheque! To help support the 2020 Rotary celebration efforts.  More details on the drive to have Rotarians donate will be available soon.
Friendship Exchange:
We will have our Friendship Exchange visitors (Australia & New Zealand) here and should be prepared to invite and pay $1,200 for them to attend Centennial dinner. Please approach folks you know to see if we can get beneficial group pricing for attractions, but co-ordinate through Greta, so that we don’t have more than one of us approaching the same person.