Paul Elsley introduced the program for this morning:
The objective today is to generate some interest in the upcoming projects for Rotary’s 100 years in Kingston – we’re encouraging every Rotarian to donate both their time and money towards these initiatives.  Mechanism for making donations is to be determined.  It’s taken us 2 years to get to this!  All of the projects are scalable, and we aim to leverage our money with Rotary monie.  Looking for commemorative opportunities.
We’re celebrating for an entire year!  8 Projects and 2 events (with many activities).
  • Transitioning Pathways Graduates (Ana Sutherland)
    • Creating a program to mentor post-grads so that they remain in and finish their post-secondary schooling.  Hoping to fund this in it’s majority through an International Rotary partner and grants.  We have club in India looking to contribute.
  • Supporting Students at SLC (Marie, Don & Rick)
  • Kingston Frontenac Club already supports SLC with $30,000
  • Cataraqui-Kingston Club supports bursaries with $36,000; and our bursary includes a preference for at least 1 indigenous student
  • This project would support the new Student Life and Innovation Centre & top up the existing bursaries.
  • 85% of SLCs grads stay in the area!
  • Youth Mental Health & Safety (Darlene)
  • Attempting to address the dangers currently faced by high school kids:  internet; drugs; human trafficking…..
  • Make regular presentations to provide information and show how kids can protect themselves.
  • Centennial Celebrations (Dave)
  • 1st event focused on Children – a BBQ at Rotary park on Sunday, July 19th 2020.  Easter Seals, Boys & Girls Club, and any other appropriate group you can think of.  Traditional BBQ, face painting, balloons, etc. and all about having fun.
  • Wrap up Dinner – June 26th, 2021 (tentative).  A celebration of the centennial year. $100/plate.  Not a fund-raiser.  We will look for a notable keynote speaker.
  • Adventurous Eaters (January 2021 for 2 years) with Loving Spoonful
  • Hoping this will also be funded through global grants.  Designed to introduce kids and families in the north end to healthy foods.  Goal is to regularly bring together kids and their families and introduce them to new, healthy foods and provide a sense of community around food, as well.  At Rideau Heights Community Centre where Loving Spoonful has kitchen space already.
  • Environmental Sustainability (April 2021) Wilf Sorensen
  • Goal to protect and sustain our local environment.  Details have yet to be determined, but centred around tree-planting.
  • Rotary Vignettes (Paul)
  • Produce 52 vignettes and put one a week in the Whig and out on social media AND going to produce a book to sell as a fundraiser.
  • Rotarians Supporting New Canadians (Lucille)
  • Looking for ways to support new Canadians, mostly from Syria and Eritrea.  KEYS is helping with ideas and suggestions:  family support teams for each new family; looking for a community hall; career mentoring; representation at KEYS conference.  Looking for committee members to help figure this out.
  • No. 9 Gardens
  • Global model for developing sustainable food systems.  This project is to plant and maintain 25 apple trees at No. 9 Gardens.  This will also be a training centre for youth with respect to maintaining and caring for the trees.
  • This aligns well with initiatives important to Rotary: Sustainability, the environment, education – working with Queen’s and SLC
  • Skills training – hands-on workshops and educational programs; food security – growing organic food, culinary seed to table workshops; working with our youth – next generation; reconciliation – working with our indigenous partners to understand and learn from traditional indigenous knowledge about living with nature.
  •  Friendship Exchange with Melbourne, Australia & Wellington, New Zealand
  • 12 people will come here in June of 2021 and celebrate our 100 years in Kingston.  Need committee members to help organize and participate.
The Power Point presentation with further details has been emailed to club members by President Rick.