John Farrow introduced our speaker Sean Goodall who gave his classification talk . . .
(henceforth to be known as the "Get to Know Me" talk).  Sean has come from Windsor recently where he has taken over the management of the Robert J. Reid Funeral Home. John also encouraged new members to pay close attention so when it's their turn they can have something to refer to.Sean gave a wonderful humour-filled rundown of his life up to his move to Kingston with his family.  Sean was born in Scarborough and grew up in Pickering.  He married his wife Sarah in 1996. They lived in Stouffville for a year and a half before relocating to Windsor.  Shortly after that their first child child Kassandra was born, followed by three more children.  Kassandra graduated recently from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She is married and works for Ottawa Public Health inspecting long term care facilities with regard to the pandemic.  Their son Kaleb has graduated from the St. Lawrence College Fire Service Programme.  Being unable to find employment with a fire service, he has begun an electrical apprenticeship. Kendra is attending Houghton College in New York State, working remotely at this time on a double major in education and psychology.  She may be looking at a third major in social studies.  His youngest daughter Kelsey is in grade 11 at LaSalle High School and has a part time job at Tim Horton’s on the base.  Even their new grand puppy has a K name.  She was born in the home of bakery owners in Kemptville, so is called Kaiser.  Since their move to Kingston, Sarah has become employed as a unit clerk at Kingston General Hospital.  For fun, Sean and Sarah enjoy camping.  Sean is a certified referee for both hockey and soccer.  Mostly, he referees youth games but on occasion, adult games. 
In 1998, Sean was introduced to Rotary.  He joined the Windsor Roseland Rotary Club, and served on various committees.  He participated in their Lobster Fest, Peace Pole Project and tree planting just to name a few.  At one time, he traveled to Evanston Illinois and attended a meeting of the Rotary One Club, the original club.  While in Evanston, he was presented with his Benefactor pin, and he also visited the grave of Paul Harris. In 2000 the Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland took on a centennial project to erect a statue in the city of Windsor, to showcase what Rotary does.
Sean will be our club president for the Rotary year 2022-2023.  He will be serving in the same year as Jennifer Jones, also from Windsor, will be serving as the RI President.  He worked with Jennifer in various capacities in the Windsor Roseland Rotary Club.  Sean is also a Paul Harris Fellow.
With a bit of humour, Sean suggested that since Robert Reid was already classified as a funeral director, the he should have the classification of underground furniture sales consultant.
Sean is in his 27th year as a funeral director, having graduated from Humber College.  He has worked in family-owned businesses as well as corporate owned establishments.  During his career he and Sarah have lived in many locations in southern Ontario.  A funeral director’s job is quite varied.  He is currently running the day-to-day operations at Robert J Reid as well as the administration of Kingston Cataraqui Cremation Services.  Sean believes that celebrating a life is a very important thing to do, and he hopes to be the last one to ever let you down. 
Post presentation questions revealed more about Sean.  He is actually the first ever in his family to become a funeral director.  His career path began when he was young and was asked by a funeral home to do some work such as grass cutting and car washing.  He never thought it would develop into a career. 
Covid 19 has presented some challenges with the ever-changing regulations.  It’s very difficult and they have tried to be creative, doing things like live-streaming funerals. 
Sean’s history as a referee helped him to meet people in Kingston, although games are shut down now.  They really enjoy Kingston and hope that they can stay here permanently.
Over his time in funeral services there have been changes.  There has been an increase in people wanting cremation.  A big change has been that people seem to be moving away from actually having a celebration.  People are going the way of no service even though this helps with closure.  He hopes there will be a swing back to that.
Sean feels that it is an honour to be president the same year as Jennifer Jones will be the RI president. 
Sean moved to Windsor in 1995 December and left there in 2008 to go to Markham/Stouffville.  They have been here in Kingston for about two years.  Most funeral directors don’t move so much but he is part of a corporation and not a family business. 
Michelle Chatten-Fiedorec thanked Sean with our now traditional virtual loaf of bread.