Tom Zsolnay, a Rotarian since 2004, a member of our club for a year, and President and CEO of University Hospitals of Kingston Foundation, offered an overview of The Rotary Foundation. In his talk you will find answers to these questions:

  • What is The Rotary Foundation (TRF)?
  • What is the purpose of each of its major components--Polio Plus, the World Fund, and the Endowment Fund?
  • What happens to contributions to each of those funds? What work do the support in the Seven Areas of Focus?
  • Why does TRF have such a high rating as a charitable organization?
  • How can individual Rotarians and clubs contribute to TRF?
  • What is the Every Rotarian Every Year campaign working? How is our club doing in its contributions to TRF?
  • How are contributions multiplied by matching funds?
  • What is Paul Harris Fellow recognition? Who can be recognized in this way and for what?