Dave Hallett was a member of our club until the Waterfront Club was chartered in April 2015.  Dave was very involved in our club, and was President at one time.  While a member of our club, Dave became very involved with Shelter Box.  He has maintained his involvement to this day.
Shelter Box has been very involved recently in the Philippines, offering aid to about 155,000 people.  It is just now switching gears in the direction of Ukraine.   There is currently a team of four in Poland, there to assess what might be required. 
Dave described the various forms of aid that Shelter Box can provide.  There are tents that vary according to need and location, tool kits, and household supports such as solar lights and water filters.  These can be seen in detail at https://www.shelterboxcanada.org/aid/.
The team in Poland will be investigating how they can work with the UN to organize around people at the border, and they are gearing up to get aid into the area.  There are two logistics experts and four operations coordinators, and media relations persons.
Rotary In Kingston will set up a fundraising page for this cause.  You may also donate directly to Shelter Box on their website.  We will be discussing a club donation at next week’s board meeting.   A Shelter Box with a tent and other needs for a family is $1,200.  The tool kit with tarps is $250.
Dave closed by describing the origin of Shelter Box as a millennium project of the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard in Cornwall UK in the year 2000.  It has grown into an independent entity in a partnership with Rotary International.
On thanking Dave, President Ana indicated her hope that we could see a Shelter Box set up at an outdoor event.
To find out more about ShelterBox or to donate, go to;