In his 'swan song' as Foundation Committee Chair, John wanted to leave us with some thoughts about why the Rotary Foundation deserves our support.
The Rotary Foundation
Three questions to ask
  • What is it?
  • Why is it important to us?
  • How can you help?
First of all John says a big THANK YOU for your donations and pushing through grants from the Funds.  This will be his last presentation as he is stepping down and Tom will be taking over.  Thank you John for what you have done with the Foundation and our club, much appreciated
What is it? (And why should we support it)
  • Founded after the 1917 Atlanta Convention with a donation of $26.50 “for the purpose of doing good in the world.”
  • Takes contributions from donors and returns part of the money to Rotary Districts (DDF) and uses the rest for the Global Fund (Annual Fund)
  • Global Fund matches DDF funds provided to projects making their scope much larger
  • Encourages partnerships so every club can participate
  • A breakdown of the 2018 fiscal year the Foundation awarded $86,677,399 USD to fund 1,306 grants worldwide (an average of $66,368.60 USD per grant)
    • Preventing disease - $35,660,986
    • Proving clean water - $18,761,791
    • Supporting education - $10,998,136
    • Growing local economies - $10,503,910
    • Saving mothers & Children - $7,204,677
    • Promoting peace - $3,547,899
    • All funds in US dollars
  • The Rotary Foundation is a 4 star charity with Charity Navigator (the highest level possible); 92% of funds are spent program awards and operation – very low expense ratio
Why is it important to us?
  • For 11 years running, The Rotary Foundation has four stars from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.
  • The Foundation demonstrates strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.
  • It aligns perfectly with the reasons we joined Rotary
  • Our club has been the beneficiary of thousands of dollars in grants over the years, most recently the FAR Project
  • It is a great place to donate, and there are many ways to donate.
  • It puts the International in Rotary International
Rules – they’re a good thing
  • Donations are invested for 3 years and the interest helps run the Foundation, keeping the expense ratio low
  • There are rigorous rules for applying, funding, and reporting on projects – money doesn’t go into a “black hole” – partners are required
  • R.I. and Rotary clubs want their money invested wisely in sustainable projects
  • The Foundation provides a trusted mechanism to enable clubs to work together
  • We have excellent Club and District people who keep a close watch on our money

Going “FAR” Together – a Foundation Project Story
  • A project suggested by Pathways to Education Kingston
  • Providing mentorship and skills to Pathways graduates
  • Our contribution $21,200
  • Kingston RC $6,000
  • Napanee RC $800
  • Passport RC $800
  • Five Rotary Clubs in India $24,500
  • DDF funds $15,000
  • World Fund $40,400
  • TOTAL $108,700!!!! All amounts are in US dollars
  • Here is the power of the foundation
Okay, you’ve convinced me – how do I donate?
“I want to support Rotary’s activities, and I’ll let Rotary put it to the best use”
ANNUAL FUND-SHARE – where many of us donate
  • Annual Fund-SHARE is the primary source of project funding
  • Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) - aims to engage every Rotary Club member by encouraging members to contribute to the Annual Fund every year, and encouraging them to participate in a Foundation grant or program every year
  • The SHARE system - at the end of every Rotary year, contributions to the Annual Fund- SHARE from all Rotary clubs in a district are directed into two funds: 50% is credited to the World Fund, 50% is credited to the District Designated Fund
“What if I want to give to a specific area”?
  • Donors may direct their Annual Fund contributions directly to the World Fund or to one of the Foundation’s seven areas of focus. However these donations do not generate District Designated Funds.
  • And of course Foundation donations can be directed towards Polio Plus, Rotary’s largest global project
  • Rotarians can also give to a specific Global Grant (like our FAR Project) until the project is fully subscribed.
  • We will hear about other possible grant projects that may interest you in the new Rotary year.
“What if I want to give a more permanent gift?” – ENDOWMENT FUND
  • Ensures the long-term viability of the Foundation’s programs.
  • Enables the Foundation to expand existing activities and occasionally underwrite new ones like the Rotary Peace Centers.
  • Contributions are invested in perpetuity.
  • The following types of contributions can be made to the Endowment Fund: Cash, investments, or other property, life income gifts (trusts, charitable gift annuities, etc.), gifts from your estate
  • Beneficiary of life insurance or other financial instruments
  • Benefactor – someone who gives to the Endowment Fund in their will. You won’t miss it!
  • Talk to John if this interests you
“What if I want to give more?”
  • Paul Harris Society – Recognition for those who donate $1,000 per year to Annual Fund, Polio Plus, or approved Global Grant (e.g. FAR project) (7)
  • Major Donor – recognition when personal donations total $10,000 (4)
  • Bequest Society - $10,000 or more in your estate plan (with levels up to $10 million) - $25,000 allows you to name your own fund (6)
  • Arch Klumph Society – donations totalling minimum $250,000 (2)
  • 100% Every Rotarian Every Year Club – minimum $100 average per member with a minimum of $25 per member
  • Rotary Credit Card – a portion of your purchases goes to The Foundation - $8.6 million from 2000 - 2018
  • John uses the expertise of Caroline Ferguson of the Rotary Foundation (Canada) to help with larger, more complex donations.
Our Club’s Legacy                                                                                          
  • Consistently have placed near the top or at the top in terms of per member giving
  • This Rotary year as of June 14 - $475 per member Annual Fund donations in 7040 (#1)
  • $45,437 in overall donations (#2)
  • And $7004 in Polio Plus donations (#1)
  • Gave a snapshot of the funds we have made verse the District; showed a District Summary
Thanks to everyone for your support of The Rotary Foundation!!
If you have any questions or want to discuss your donations please reach out to John Farrow at
You can always get more info at
John G. thanked John for the presentation and to save money John was not presented with a virtual loaf of bread, as fake, imaginary bread is on the rise!