An Introduction to Constantin Muenga
Constantin was invited to join our Rotary Club by Heather Kembel. Heather introduced Constantin today.
Good morning everyone.
I'm so happy that I was able to join and I'm so grateful that Heather reached out to me and introduced me to the Rotary.  I'm so grateful of everything we do and I'm more happy to be part of it. I was born in Rwanda, in Africa, near to Uganda and Tanzania. I moved to India, to study for my Bachelors in applied psychology and in public health.
I have held different jobs positions in the retail industry, immigration, employment services, and administration in nonprofit organizations, in Africa, in India and in Canada.
I am a founder of the Justice Against Racism and Discrimination Facebook page, and I am a founder member of SPEAKingston. I do more volunteering in the community; Board of Directors member with Family and Children's Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington ; United Way Grant Committee member, City of Kingston-EmergencyTeam member and manage different community social media accounts.
So what do I do in this community?  I am currently Regional Program Administrator at Kingston Community Health Center. 
I also own Imperial Cleaning, and Imperial Painting KFLA. 
So how did I start out?  I don't know how much everyone knows about Rwanda-I am one of the survivors of the genocide.  I lost my dad then I said oh I need to do better because there were many people who are suffering and who needed to have support.  And instead of being one of those people, I stood up and start helping other people as well.
So I love giving back the community.  That's how I ended up being in Kingston because I came to join my family.  When I was working in different positions, I saw how people are suffering or not be able to maintain jobs. I have people who love me who supported me in Kingston or in India and in Rwanda so.  I sat down and started thinking, having given back to the community in this way it's not enough. I love what I do at Kingston Community Health Center, but I thought I could do better.
Many newcomers, when they come here, they don't have support they need or they don't have families or  jobs or it's hard for them to keep their job.  So I stood up and started Imperial Cleaning in order to offer services to our community and be able to create jobs for those people who do not have work experience. 
So what we can offer from the Imperial Cleaning KFLA is commercial and residential cleaning services, carpet and window cleaning, junk removal and pressure washing services.
We service the Kingston area, Belleville, Napanee, Gananoque, and Frontenac County area and more. So if you need to learn more about our services, you can reach out to me or check out our website as well.
The vision was to serve the community and make sure that we are offering services they are looking for. So when I was trying to expand the Imperial brand, I saw that one of those services was painting.  Many of our clients are looking for painting services and I started a painting company with friends, offering interior painting and exterior painting services.  We offer fence staining, pressure washing services and more.
As we have different social media accounts and you can learn more about us and our services, and if you don't need cleaning services or painting, you can refer us to your friends or your network. Booking  us for painting and cleaning project you as a Rotarian will get a 7% Rotary member discount and 3% goes to fund Club projects.
Thank you so much.  Questions?
Q. Constantin, when did you go to India and where and for how long were you there?
A. Wow, I went to India in 2008 and I stayed there for six years as I was doing my bachelor degrees and masters degrees.  I was in Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pondicherry and in both North and South of India. I lived in different areas and as a student I was travelling. I arrived to Kingston in 2013.
Q. So how did you choose Kingston?
A. My mom was living in Kingston. Because she was working here and in France at the same time.  I joined my family after completing my Masters degree.  That's how I end up in Kingston and I love the city.  People are amazing. 
Q. As you built up these two businesses, you mentioned partners and how did you go about finding your partners?  How did you go about finding them and what does it mean to you to be working with those people?
A. So we give back to the community, and one of the things I do is bring all people of colour in the community together so we can help each other, because most of the people who own businesses or who want to start businesses don't have people who can support them.  So when I was working at the immigration service, I got to know one of my business partners.  We had a conversation and they mentioned that they are looking for people who can support them.  As I already had a business, I know how to start a business from scratch.