Greg Mumford introduced Jim Rymerson, who is a neighbor.
Michelle invited all zoom members to wear tiaras. Michelle introduced a Fireside Chat, our new way of getting to know members. Jim noted that he was born in Lakefield Ontario. He went to Queens, then worked at Kingston General Hospital and then Queens as a programmer. Jim discussed his first computer. He wrote code to have pc's access the mainframe and Queens gave it away as freeware. This software program took over his time. Jim started Jolly Giant Software which he worked on his own time, developing the software and customizing it for others. He worked on and sold it on nights and weekends. Jim then left Queens to work on Jolly Giant full time. In 2013 he sold the company, and retired in 2014. Michelle asked about computing. Jim first started out working with Fortran, which he got hooked on, in University. He designed an inventory program for KGH. Michelle asked about work life balance. Jim discussed leaving a stable job to go out on his own. It was a home-based business for 5 years. He then opened an office in the St. Lawrence Business Park, allowing a better division between work and home life. Michelle asked about the future of computing. Jim discussed his first PC was $4500. Everything now is smaller and more powerful. A smart phone now has more power than a Mainframe from years ago. Jim spoke about being a programmer, opining that you either have the gift or you don’t. Programming is very logical, you have to have a logical mind. It can be very tedious. But it's also like an art in some ways. And, enhancements to a program can break something else.
In his spare time, Jim loves gardening and golf, with woodworking in the winter. Jim spoke about his family.
John asked about how he picked the name of his company. His wife picked it.
Robert asked it the company still exists. It does but is not a Canadian Corporation anymore.
Heather asked iPhone or Android. Jim uses Android.
Heather Nogrady thanked Jim for his presentation. With a real loaf of bread.
Editor's note - I promise in the future to get a better picture of Jim!